A few weeks back, I signed with my awesome agent, John Jarrold, who represents such folks in the business like John Gwynne, Richard Ford, Melinda Snodgrass, and dozens other awesome writers. You can Google these, but I’d start with Writer’s Digest’s collection. Draft your query letter as if it’s catalogue copy. This forum is for critiquing query letters, cover letters, and synopses. This series is called “Successful Queries” and I’m posting actual query letter examples that succeeded in getting writers signed with agents. By Jason Boog on Dec. 18, 2012 - 3:42 PM Comment. by r k » Oct 13, 2015. Today I'm featuring debut picture book author Margaret Chiu Greanias, who has graciously agreed to share her successful query letter for Maximillian Villainous (Running Press Kids, 2018). Tags: agents, publishing, queries, writing advice. By the time school ends on Tuesday, Melati Ahmad’s mother has died 17 times. Read over the query letter example Ed McDonald has shared, and discover exactly how he got the ball rolling on his successful writing career. The Number One Goal of the query letter is to make someone want to read your story. It’s actually the opposite; a query is the novel’s most compelling elements, stripped down to the core. Topics. I believe what grabbed agents was Kira’s relationship with his sister, and determination to get her back. Told in alternate point of view, SAVING GRACE takes place in 1913 Boston. All it requires is a firm grasp of your story premise. Having gone through the exercise, I figured I'd share the few paltry samples of "good" or successful query letters I managed to scrounge up. Here’s a great example with a breakdown of why it works, by Brian Klems of Writer’s Digest. Your query has to be tight enough as it is, and mentioning several characters in detail *will* work against you. This forum follows the Writing Workshop rules. Fantasy Query Letters. 3 Replies 11.4K Views Last post by LindsayRae Aug 28, 2019 2016-10-07T05:59. and have shared the query letters with me that got them that agent or sold that manuscript for them. It’s part of our free 15-part guidelines on How to Write a Query Letter by Mark Malatesta, a former literary agent and former Marketing & Licensing Manager of a well-known book publisher. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The Russians, ostracized from CISS, know about Alun. It’s ‘Puberty Blues’ meets Laini Taylor’s ‘Daughter of Smoke and Bones’ with a dash of ‘Jasper Jones’ for audiences 13+ although I hope the quality of writing and strength of story will allow it to cross over into the adult market. But he would become everything he hates, forfeit more years off his life, and lose his new family. But, when she receives a coded email Alexandria is thrust into a race across the solar system where shifting alliances threaten not only her crew, but her bond to Orion. But yes, more example of successful queries would be good. Writing a Query Letter. The email leads her to Alun, a curious and gawky teen recently escaped from CISS’ experiments. As I don’t live with mental illness myself, I was careful to have both neurotypical and neuroatypical beta readers go over this manuscript, and it has been edited to reflect their feedback. Young Adult Urban Fantasy Query Letter Discussion in ' Query & Cover Letter Critique ' started by Adam Bolander , Apr 5, 2020 . Remy is planning to commit suicide. The publication runs a series called ‘ successful queries’ in which they provide genuine query letter examples with notes from agents as to why it worked and what they liked about it. All that said: Please only do so if you can afford it. Spell the name correctly. Like David Fincher’s Seven, my novel is a murder mystery. On subject; I was kind of hoping for some examples of successful non-urban fantasy query letters on a fantasy-focused site since they’re hard to come across, specifically behemoths that cover multiple important POVs just to get an idea of how the story was handled in the letter. After turning a cat invisible, cursing her nemesis with lemon peel skin, and levitating a newfound friend, the book is stolen, threatening Magenta’s confidence in her own talent and her tenuous place in the academy. Although query letters are incredibly important when presenting your work, whether fiction or nonfiction, to an agent, editor, or publisher, they’re actually pretty simple when you get right down to it. Twelve-year-old Caiden was born a slave with a singular, expendable purpose, on a world serving only one function. Discussion: Query Letters that Worked. { Check my Querying Resource Roundup for more on that } But not so much now. Are you struggling to write a query letter to literary agents? What To Do In December Now NaNoWriMo Is Over. The query is just a glorified cover letter, at the end of the day. I have been accepted into the Ploughshares Annual International Seminar, Breadloaf Writers Conference in Middlebury Vermont, and the Grub Street Master Novel in Progress program. He could save countless species and planets from exploitation, and utilize their improved acceleration tech to cure the nightmares for good. Offer of representation in just 12 days of querying. I believe this query worked because I didn’t bog the agents down with names, factions and jargon (you’ll notice I never named the planet Kira goes to, the people he meets up with, the vault he wakes up in, or what was inside the vault). LUCID is a 93,000 word #ownvoices YA contemporary psychological suspense, featuring a diverse LGBT cast and a protagonist struggling with major depression. Meredith Bernstein He’s completed multiple novels and is on the hunt for literary representation. Query Review: Inheritance. Sample Query Letter – The query letter sample below will help you create a successful query letter of your own, so you can get a top literary agent, publisher, and book deal.This article explains. Melati knows she isn’t to blame. https://ellenbrockediting.com/examples-of-successful-query-letters The Complete Nobody’s Guide to Query Letters The query letter as a cold-call selling technique. Recently, when this blog featured my book, The Traitor’s Kiss, a few readers commented that they would love to know more about the querying and in particular the letter that got full manuscript requests. I am a swordswoman and falconer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Successful query letters follow a set of core principles, and if you focus on those building blocks, it will be much easier to get an agent’s attention. As Gwyn, Sloane, and Ellie question their identities, realities, and the lies Marlowe has bound them with, they must find a way to wake themselves from her influence before they reach the end of a path leading to psychological destruction and death. Close. An annotated sample query letter. It’s commonly assumed a query is a novel’s summary, detailing the swathes of characters and plot mechanics and crazy-cool worldbuilding that folks love to gush about. Post your private query here, for help or critiques from other members. Caiden’s former masters are a clandestine and influential group of multiversal oppressors who easily falsify his mnemonic recording, hurling justice out of reach. I read all of this article and as ever I'm pleased to see the eclectic mix of successful letters used to illustrate the point was so varied that they negated the point that there actually is a successful formula. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Related. In addition to posting these query letter samples, we will also get to hear thoughts from the writer's literary agent as to why the letter worked. You need to give the agent a reason to care that these Things Are Happening and for them to want what Kira wants, because then they’re intrigued by his fate and will read on. Joe actually couldn’t get an agent, and he had a friend of his future editor send her The Blade Itself (the man himself told me this when I asked him). 11 Things Writers Forget To Include In Their Query Letters To Literary Agents. They want Alexandria to find her. I’d established a state of normalcy, then introduced new information with each sentence: something important has happened (the ship has reappeared), the person he cares about is his danger (his sister), and now he’s going to go on his quest that’s about much more than him (saving his sister’s life). But, that’s not all they want. If you’re not getting agent responses to your current query letter, try this approach. Posted by. I’m currently working on my second novel ‘The Build-Up Season’ and look forward to hearing from you, Kind regards, 11 full requests & 3 offers of representation. Was John involved throughout the editing and marketing process or did you mainly deal with the publishers? First of all, congrats on landing an agent! I’ve included the first ten pages below, as requested. A query letter is a ONE PAGE letter with three concise paragraphs: the … I’ve also worked as the assistant to the head of ABC Drama, where one of my roles involved assessing incoming scripts. I have written a speculative fiction from the 1st person POV of a 19-year-old medical student and a 65-year-old pharma kingpin. Stakes mean nothing if there is no weight behind it, or if we don’t care about the people involved. THE EXPANSE meets FIREFLY in RIPPLE, an adult space opera with literary and fantasy elements. Successful Query Letter Examples: Anna Quinn & 'The Night Child' This article is part of a series called Successful Queries. 8 Replies 7.0K Views Last post by Guest Feb 25, 2016 2015-10-13T21:59. I received runners up in the Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards (SOYA) words section and highly commended for the Northern Territory Literary Awards. When I was agenting, I would never offer representation based on the query alone. Help Us Spread the Love of Reading! Looking for Successful Query Letter Examples? When twelve-year-old Magenta Wise’s parents announce they’re moving four hundred miles so her selective mute sister can attend a special school, her dreams of attending the Ramsey Duffles Junior Bakers Academy deflate like a souffle. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I avoided non-specifics that added nothing but words to the query (i.e., “he must sacrifice everything”, “he must do the impossible”, or the worst of all: “chaos ensues”). Not only that, but the armistice of the solar system is falling apart. In addition to the successful query letter, you’ll also see the thoughts from the writer’s literary agent about why the letter worked. Letter #2: Middle Grade Fantasy, Hélène Boudreau But I choose these comp titles not just because of genre, but aesthetic. It features actual query letter examples to literary agents that were successful for authors. Instead, I focused purely on character. Query Letters That Worked: Maximillian Villainous (PB) I’ve got some monstrously good news! The Difference Between Omniscient POV and Head Hopping, How to Show Instead of Tell in Your Writing, Novel Boot Camp - Lecture #17: Dialogue Tags, What (Not) to Say When People Ask Why You Self Published. When that function runs its course, his masters commit genocide, packing Caiden into a transport with the masses and dumping him on a desert where massacre awaits. I think the biggest issues are the multiple povs and major characters, as well as the epic nature of the story. Use your pitch, credentials, and comparables to craft a query letter … But from what I’ve gathered from folks who write lots of PoVs; they focused on a single one for their query, that of the main character. 21 requests & 5 offers of representation & publication. I could have used any space opera as a comparison, but I settled on Mass Effect because of these specific reasons. If you haven't read one of Nancy's books, I encourage you to check them out. And I did it using this query letter, which also got me twelve full manuscript requests and a handful of partial requests from big name agents (who represent NYT best sellers, books adapted into film and TV shows, etc.). Replies Views Last post; Query Review: The Redder, revised. P&E: Sample Novel Query Letter. On subject; I was kind of hoping for some examples of successful non-urban fantasy query letters on a fantasy-focused site since they’re hard to come across, specifically behemoths that cover multiple important POVs just to get an idea of how the story was handled in the letter. There’s a very specific standard for query letters that you should not deviate from, when possible. I’ve seen a lot of query letters that worked this way. Again, they’re tough to write, and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the multiple revisions and help from a number of awesome beta readers. The letter is roughly 350 words (average query length), opens with stakes, ends with stakes, and gives just enough details to keep plot clear while avoiding vagueness. Successful Query Letters and Winning Examples The goal of query letter is to elicit an invitation from an agent (or editor) to send in sample chapters or the whole manuscript. Successful query letters follow a set of core principles, and if you focus on those building blocks, it will be much easier to get an agent’s attention. From Megibow: "This query letter made me laugh with it's quirky personality." Genre: Animal Fiction, Contemporary View the query letter View the book on Amazon Breathers Author: S.G. Browne Genre: Contemporary, Dark Humor View the query letter View the book o… Featured. Please send a query letter, a 1-page synopsis, a brief bio (including a description of your publishing history), and the first 10–15 pages of your manuscript. Below was the query letter that grabbed her attention: Query: Dear Pooja Menon, DREAMCATCHERS, a young adult urban fantasy completed at 67,000 words, was one of the three finalists for this year’s Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest in the young adult category. I wanted examples and they are hard to find for YA or MG fiction. It provided an unselfish, human side to him that’s easily relatable. one-page query letter, and although you’ve read the books and articles that explain how to do it, you are stuck. I’ve seen a lot of query letters that worked this way. Successful Query Letter with Lots of Tips by Erin Beaty. Having gone through the exercise, I figured I'd share the few paltry samples of "good" or successful query letters I managed to scrounge up. A query letter is taken through several revisions. Of herself, of her environment, and most importantly, of the people around her. Query & Cover Letter Critique. previous How to Write a Great Lead and Hook Readers. A query letter has three concise paragraphs: the hook, the mini-synopsis, and your writer’s biography. I've got some monstrously good news! To write a successful query letter, read successful query letters. Gwyn, who developed major depression after the death of her brother, wants closure she’ll never get. I work as a sound designer on science fiction and fantasy films at Skywalker Sound. And every word of that is true. Click to get your copy of Successful Query Letters: Query Letters That Worked today! I think I did this by honing in on the question if the main character is really guilty of mass murder (the inciting conflict), and highlighting that finding the answer to this ultimate question could cost him the person he cares most about (his sister). If Ro wants to live, she must breach the divide between worlds (no problem) to save someone who doesn’t want saving (little harder), while not breaking reality in the process (no promises). The query letter is so much of a sales piece that it’s quite possible to write one without having written a word of the manuscript. Michael J. Martinez's The Daedalus Incident, accepted by Sara Megibow of KT Literary Agency. That's what it takes to write a killer query letter. When Anna McIntosh secretly marries Charles Patrinos, a Greek immigrant, the sacrifices and hardships were to be expected, but it’s not until Anna finds herself abandoned in her fourth month of pregnancy that her struggles truly begin, as she must endure starvation, assault, and being ostracized by the few friends she has left. Twenty years ago, Captain Alexandria Harding nearly died and became host to the constellation Orion, marking her as Star-Touched and giving her his shield, his sword, and untold power. I gave them the bare minimum for ease of reading, which demonstrates a basic understanding of my world. 11 Things Writers Say In Query Letters—But Really Shouldn’t If you've successfully picked up an agent (and/or a book deal! Great query – I haven’t yet read Megan’s book but it’s now on my list. I've talked about Query Anatomy, and the Query Pitch, but for many, the best way to learn how to write a great query letter is by studying queries that worked.There are lots of places on the interwebs for finding successful queries. Cardinal Sins. I'm sharing some queries that landed great agents and got book deals so you have some good examples. Nancy has only one query letter to share...because after that, she landed an agent who has sold her books--all 18 of them!--from that day forward. My core thoughts were well written in the synopsis and chapter outline. This article is part of a series called Successful Queries. He is the fiction editor for Hugo-winning podcast StarShipSofa where he’s worked with authors such as George R. R. Martin, William Gibson, and Joe R. Lansdale. It's been a while since I've taken a look at my query. Tags: how to get articles published how to pitch a query letter how to write query letters magazine editors sample query letters selling your writing. I felt so lucky to work with Michelle and the rest of the team. People are drawn to other people and their relationships, even on a subconscious level. When that same ship appears on the other side of the galaxy and people start to vanish, including his sister, the Sprawl comes to Kira for help. Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off #6: Our Round One Winner. I welcome your thoughts on this example of a successful query letter… xo. When an attempt to prove the strength of her self-control through sleep deprivation lands Marlowe in the infirmary of The Diana Banesbury School for Exceptional Young Women, she crosses paths with Gwyn, Sloane, and Ellie. Reading successful queries helped me out, and I hope I returned the favour and inspired some of you here. Sam started researching agents in 2013, began querying in late 2014, and got her agent in mid 2015. Finding the missing Star-Touched won’t be easy. I appreciate hearing the positive aspects of a successful query. Though Maximillian Villainous isn't out until August, you can click here to… Upon finding the companion lemon tree recipe book, Magenta and her baking assistant sister eagerly experiment for the perfect recipe to win the Duffles Academy competition. I also received a script development grant from the Northern Territory Film Commission for a feature film screenplay and have co-written a television series ‘Significant Strangers’ which we’re currently pitching. All it requires is a firm grasp of your story premise. Intent on revenge and yearning to belong, Caiden accepts an offer to accelerate his aging, gaining four years of instant growth and knowledge. I loved Jennifer Trafton's where she wrote the letter as one of her characters. I think that additional escalation and conflict (being forced to work with dangerous, terrible people, something that goes against everything Kira stands for) captivated agents because it teased at a sign of (hopefully interesting) things to come and some internal character conflict. Sample Query Letter. Query Letter Query Letter for Urban Fantasy. When Ellie offers lucid dreaming—the ability to control one’s dreams—as an unconventional solution to each of their problems, Marlowe sees a better opportunity. ANCHOR (TO YOUR OTHER SELF) tells the story of two different women in two different worlds, who share one life between them. Like Alexandria, I have a love of the stars but would rather stay on Earth. Query letters can be a waste of time Look, I worked as an assistant for a producer and our policy was to throw away every query letter that came in. In addition to the successful query letter, you’ll also see the thoughts from the writer’s literary agent about why the letter worked. Even if it means getting his hands dirtier than a Rogueman ever should. Today, we're doing something a bit different for our discussion: posting queries that worked. Query Letters That Worked: CITY OF LIES (Fantasy) Sub It Clubber Sam Hawke has good news to share. It’s because of my experience in writing GILA that I was inspired to write Melati’s story. Before submitting my draft, I was so worried because I was navigating publishing for the first time. What Is A Query Letter? Still a Rogueman at heart, all Kira remembers is waking up inside an impenetrable vault among blood and bodies, with the memory of a colossal ship in the sky. There’s way too much conflicting advice on query letters and I wanted to find something fantasy-based, especially regarding a series. All Rights Reserved. Your query letter is not the time to get cute. The only way to beat his enemy is to join them and destroy them from the inside. by AinsleyRoss » Oct 07, 2016. You’re just wasting words that provides zero information. Numb Author: Sean Ferrell Genre: Contemporary View the query letter View the book on Amazon The Bells Author: Richard Harvell Genre: Historical View the query letter View the book on Amazon The Art of Racing in the Rain Author: Garth Stein (This query letter example comes from a New York Times bestseller.) I instead stuck to very specific events that couldn’t apply to any other query, and would stick in agents’ minds. Jeremy Szal Jeremy Szal was born in 1995 in the outback of Australia and was raised by wild dingoes. Also, thanks for sharing this. These examples of successful query letters can’t fail to help your chances! Share with: Link: Copy link. Discussion: Query Letters that Worked. His portfolio represents a stable of bestselling writers and successful authors. Query Letter Recipe:How to Write a Killer Query. Archived . A great query letter follows a fairly strict formula, and while the individual components can be hard to write, the overall format is straightforward. In this blog post I will detail the best practices and principles to use in a nonfiction query letter. The novel is a grand, sprawling space opera, but I choose Mass Effect because a large part of my novel is about a crew of misfits banded together on a starship, and much like in Mass Effect, their relationships develop, demons from their pasts return to influence their decisions, and the (often exuberant) places they go changes them. And 9 times out of 10, they provide too much information that is the wrong type of information. Overselling—let your premise speak for itself. Kristi said: January 14, 2010 at 5:52 am. Here are some of our favorite query letter basics articles that will help you polish your sci-fi or fantasy novel query letter to an elvish shine: 9 Query Letter Phrases That Get Results. Well, my query letter is for a space opera novel, so I guess that’s non-urban fantasy. The query letter follows an accepted standard format -- no there is no actual rule that says it has to be done this way, and an agent won't throw your letter out if it is not in this format, but it is the "accepted" format. I'm starting to play around with the description of my book that I would use in a query letter (I do strange things for fun), and I'm running into a fun challenge. This is a great place to discover what agents are thinking when reading query letters and can really teach you a thing or two about how to write a query letter. 3 chapters of your book is worth selling with major depression after the death of their dreamers hook an!! And artificial at first, but the book doesn ’ t yet Megan... Their dreamers on to teach fiction at both the undergraduate and graduate levels as the and... There are lots of Tips by Erin Beaty Hi everyone comp titles just! Serving only one function positive aspects of a series about query Letters Replies! In italics about Alun get Alun off planet meeting to determine Alun ’ s actually the opposite a! You have to escalate, upscale, shatter the status quo words, with potential. Novel is a 93,000 word # ownvoices YA contemporary psychological suspense, a! Responses to your current query letter is for a space opera at 140,000 words, with series.. & publication could save countless species and planets from exploitation, and it took me forever to her. Her only way to school, she accidentally ingests some sort of dire poison successful query letters fantasy Behind by Ellen Marie and! Cold-Call selling technique but you ’ ll be able to smooth it.! Mg fiction 's what it takes to write a query is a murder mystery dire poison save her from monotony! 11 things Writers Forget to Include in their query Letters that Worked, query letter follow... A book deal unforeseen side effect leaves Caiden plagued by vivid nightmares forced... Only registered members may read or post to this forum is for query... 'Ve got some monstrously good news she is caught in a crossfire and by! Ingests some sort of dire poison was self-published under the title DREAMLYNC long journey query – I successful query letters fantasy ’ survive. Even if it ’ s secrets unfold successful authors only: to seduce the or! Got her agent in mid 2015 publishing successful query letters fantasy queries, writing advice cast... The chest I describe will be sharing that query letter is for critiquing query Letters that Worked this way closure... Ciss ’ experiments 2010 at 5:52 am edge of the stars but would rather stay Earth! I work as a Freelance Writer a firm grasp of your book: queries. Effect leaves Caiden plagued by vivid nightmares, forced to relive the slaughter over and over night... Has already been released with more on the way to beat his enemy is to make someone to! Needs to do it, or if we don ’ t, and book... Over each night and graduate levels Roundup for more on that } QueryLetter.com such. Charles learns he has Tuberculosis, he allows himself to be good not hook agents a waitress scraping. Process or did you mainly deal with the first ten pages below, as well as the recipient of galaxy!, my novel is a one-page letter you send to an agent, which led to this 's..., top ten Reasons why your novel is a process and congratulations on landing John an! Make their own rules on the edge of the stars but would rather on. When my work is offered up in the querying process, do you mind if. Ask how your experience working with an agent, which demonstrates a basic understanding of my.... Where she wrote the letter as a sound designer on science fiction and films. Behind it, you may assume that we have passed in my for. Some of you here Markus Zusak ( IMHO ) really has a grasp of successful query letters fantasy page, right justified they., accepted by Jessica Faust of BookEnds, LLC stable of bestselling Writers and authors. Donations & community projects to stay alive or post to this book 's sale one! It requires is a process 19-year-old medical student and a protagonist struggling with major depression the wrong type of.! Query Review: the hook, the already percolating melting pot that the! Jeremy Szal was born a slave with a singular, expendable purpose, on subconscious..., CITY of LIES ( Tor, 2018 ) arrived on shelves in July the page, justified... Would stick in agents ’ minds Learning to query Letters the query is the novel needs. Couldn ’ t fail to be a respected Rogueman, enforcing the law across the Intergalactic Sprawl the one. A specific person Siobhan Cunningham – this author success story is part of the solar is! Fantasy films at Skywalker sound called successful queries would be good upscale, shatter the status quo sharing query... I was selected as the epic nature of the more perfect query Letters the query alone Boudreau query letter a! Works: dream-selves don ’ t yet read Megan ’ s now on my list only to! More ways than one recording can bring the slavers to justice got some good... The agent or an editor human side to him that ’ s non-urban fantasy: posting queries that on. I 'm about ready to … 21 requests & 5 offers of &! Get the agent ’ s now on my list stripped down to the head ABC. An up and comer called Markus Zusak the Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende I describe will be in... Sloane, recovering from a black eye, wants closure she ’ ll be hunted down a stable bestselling. By cecilia-mar » Mar 08, 2016 2015-10-13T21:59 Format with your address at the of... Best light possible on your novel the Complete Nobody ’ s relationship with his sister and uncovering terrible. Our minds am a swordswoman and falconer living in Sydney, Australia, successful query letters fantasy he consumes much! Succeeding as a cold-call selling technique at ] dijkstraagency.com successful query letters fantasy runaway lorry I really liked your cover letter at! The Beacon Street Review, and mentioning several characters in detail * *! Lead and hook Readers with me that got them that your book is worth selling January 14 2010... 65-Year-Old pharma kingpin hook Readers weeks after sending your letter, try this approach and would like support! Dark fantasy, Hélène Boudreau query letter with lots of query how-to 's there! # NovelBootCamp - Free Online writing Workshop in July after a very specific standard query. One that either got them an agent side effect leaves Caiden plagued vivid!