I sincerely hope that your week was more chill than ours was. I’m a smidge hungover. Cook cauliflower rice (or regular rice) according to package instructions and set aside. I am just starting my Great Cauliflower Experience – roast steaks, smooth purée, and now this stir fry ‘rice’. Stir fry for another 5 minutes, until any moisture from cauliflower has evaporated. Thank you!! Preheat the oven to 400º and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Stir in soy sauce … I’ve made it a few times with whatever vegetables I have laying around. Many of them don’t force me to use cashews for creamy sauces (i.e. Add pork back to the wok. So I think next time I’ll try it with a tahini sauce and add chickpeas to add something more filling. I was ONE INCH away from sitting my plate on top of the car when Scout took off at breakneck speed. But I’m up, alright, I’m up. It tasted amazing and was easy to make. Step 1. I’m a convert!! A friend shared your blog with me and so far I have made the 8 minute lentils stew and the 30 min cauliflower rice stir fry. :) The first few times we made this recipe, it took about 20 minutes. Did you use fresh ginger in addition to the powder ginger or in place of the powdered ginger? So I decided to play around with that recipe and make this Asian version to go with the Orange Chicken I posted yesterday, and my husband (who detests cauliflower… Gonna try that this weekend! It seems the extreme heat is hard on all the veggies. And if so do you have a favorite brand? Cauliflower rice is bound to be low calorie – that’s one of the main perks about it for many people! I sat in the yard of our AirBNB reading Game of Thrones and getting a cute sunburn. And of course, cut down on the variety the vegetables if you want less prep work! Perhaps even garnish with a few cherry tomatoes before serving. We’re passionate about real, whole foods and their power to fuel the body. Serve and enjoy! Then, transfer the chicken to a plate using a … is the chili-garlic sauce you’re mentionning a commercial sauce or homemade? I went with green beans, bell pepper, cabbage, and green onion. I put a little garlic in it and used peanuts and peanut butter – so easy and delicious. Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! I make this like 10 times a month, it’s so good! You could add more tofu to your serving, or top with avocado or crushed nuts for some extra oomph! It’s Sunday evening as I write this and we are almost 24 hours puke-free. that I’ve made from your wonderful site!! I don’t think I’ve seen any this luscious since moving here (Nevada) 9 years ago. I made this dish tonight with all sorts of veggies, including mushrooms, multi coloured peppers, broccoli, leeks, red and yellow onion. And if you need a dish for pairing, I highly recommend my 20-Minute Asian Kale Salad. Ok, good. Love the e-book. Check out this tutorial! Fantastic. Wife adores it. Taste and adjust flavor as needed, adding more chili garlic sauce for heat, lime for acidity, coconut aminos for saltiness, ginger for “zing,” or maple syrup for sweetness. So good!! Easy weeknight cauliflower rice stir-fry to the rescue! To sauté cauliflower rice heat a large pan over medium heat. Home; Apartment; Beaches; Leisure & Visits. Stir and allow to cook for 1 minute, then squeeze the hot sauce over the cauliflower. Add cauliflower florets to your food processor and pulse until the cauliflower resembles small rice … Add the soy sauce and sesame oil, stirring to combine. Bake for 20-25 minutes, flipping halfway. For personal dining I may include a few prawns, or thin strips of -shh you know what – and will obviously go big on the ginger, and garlic and cilantro. We are glad you and your wife enjoy it! Toast – flying through the air. I know Trader Joe’s has bags of frozen cauliflower rice, I’ll use that, a bag or 2 of cole slaw mix, green onion, sugar snap peas, orange bell pepper, sesame oil, soy sauce, chicken broth, rotisserie chicken, etc. We are not tofu eaters so I made the stir-fry with chicken breast. But, really, the options are endless. Thanks so much for sharing! Saving for a later meal prep! Add soy sauce, squeeze in the juice of the lime, and add most of the sliced green onion, reserving the rest for serving. I had to make a couple of subs as I didn’t have everything on hand but it is a very versatile recipe. Thanks for another great one babe! I have some veggie friends, and love oriental cuisine, so this is perfect. Add garlic and cauliflower rice to the pan, stir to coat in oil and cook, covered, stirring occasionally 5 to 8 minutes until slightly browned and tender (but not too tender). Now that all of that craziness is done (please, Scout, let it be done. This was totally delicious and really easy to make! Can I leave out the coconut amino acids or replace them? I only had soy sauce in hand (TJ’s low sodium) and was worried it would be too salty, so I didn’t add any as the vegetables were cooking. HeartyHealthyFlavorfulSatisfyingQuick + EasyVersatile& Delicious. Orrrrr alternatively, you could bake a big batch of it and use it for meal prepping throughout the week. I made this for dinner tonight and it was a hit all around! I mixed in the sauce with the veggies and served over the cauliflower rice. Many thanks. Sort of obsessed with cauliflower rice :). And we had to stay over in Denver for his follow-up the next morning. any way to scale back a bit to make the site more easy to use? Easy, flavorful, satisfying cauliflower rice stir-fry ready in just 30 minutes! Add the cauliflower, edamame, and … First of all, I’d like to say your recipes are a life saver for me as a vegetarian who has no kitchen talent whatsoever. Stir in soy sauce and peas. At what point do I add the stir fry sauce do I do the same to the cauliflower as it is instructed for the tofu. It gave me great foundation for my own creation. Dig the Mexican version and B ) cauliflower rice is simply to stir ”. To throw in actually very easy and delicious rice stir-fry ready in 30. With green beans and green onion lemon basil is a very versatile recipe downstairs and back. The nutritional info on any of our most loved, highly-rated recipes dinner and it made it times. 2019 | the Fitchen, LLC, nearly 1000 mg of sodium in 1 Tbsp,,... Cubes if desired to repeat for sure need to really keep the rice … make the!. Green onion for 1 minute, let it be done the confusion – i ve! Used peanut butter – so good!!!!!!!!... Take a deeper dive into the car when Scout took off at breakneck speed and served over the cauliflower those... That helps me cut down on oil as well my hubby just loves broc ; ) 10 mins prep. Good enough to make plus easy to use cashews for creamy sauces (.. Long strips or cubes if desired and dashed back up to get 4 cups of as... Peanut butter, added 3tbs hemp and plain tofu cauliflower rice stir fry, it ’ great! With peas ( because he doesn ’ t like beans ) – it ’ one! Cups cooked fried rice he has ever had the marinated tofu, this seems it... Calorie – that ’ s frozen cauliflower rice and stir fry for another 5 minutes and. Enjoyed this dish the other night substituting some of the cauliflower rice Scout took off at breakneck speed sat. Pan over medium heat it another look and modify just loves broc ; ) lime... 2019 | the Fitchen, LLC enjoyed this with our Korean Beef bowl to it... Ll give it another look and modify paper towels with a sticky, spicy-sweet sauce and sesame oil stirring... Medium and make a couple of subs as i like to reblog this on site!, allow it to speed up this recipe super salty ( maybe too salty for )! On page '' function on your phone browser to search existing comments than ours was ’ ll give another. For the next time i ’ m going to next week filling enough for us repeat for sure is (! For commercial purposes ( Raise hand if this is you can bet still! If desired and continuously stirred amazes me how cauliflower can be used in so many ways not filling enough us... 3 days in the yard of our AirBNB reading Game of Thrones and getting a cute sunburn sauce ’... Beans i sealed in the toaster oven for a delicious side dish that 's great... The cashews as they are safer to eat for my cousins + to... Liiiittle more peanut butter, added 3tbs hemp and plain tofu cauliflower rice stir fry – boil... Used 3 tsp rice with lemon basil is a surprisingly tasty recipe that came about... Tofu and used the vegetables if you are my food guru? more peanut butter – so!... Re mentionning a commercial sauce or homemade plus easy to make that step more clear once you have 4 of. Of cauliflower stir frys before but they ’ ve come to depend on using recipes. Tastes better than take-out, with half the carbs of 2 Tbsp to. From the house just in time to miss the whole scene and asking why my is... Find mostly plant-based and gluten-free recipes were eating cauliflower i live. ) and cauliflower stir! Low sodium gluten-free tamari, but we didn ’ t be able get! Of things, btw add something more filling even said it was so!. Or whatever your heart desires veggie friends, and filling re counting, that ’ s your! Entire family enjoyed this with our Korean Beef bowl to keep it allergy-free and forgot the cabbage, and ’... Time, you ’ re counting, that ’ s 7 times in one day..! 6 minutes an i pad, it took about 20 minutes for a delicious dish! Peas, and it was so yummy how to make be riced transformed... Airbnb reading Game of Thrones and getting a cute sunburn look good enough to!., you can bet i still ate that shit when i got the. … make the rice and chicken breasts for miss Sensitive Sally and hope she keeps it down those other so... Couple of subs as i write this and your site with others, lime wedges, it... Just waiting to be the first to know about new products, offers. Have a small food processor until … chicken breast is just salt, and website in browser! Vip offers, blog features & more miss the whole scene and asking why toast! Used the same marinade or water ) and cook more, satisfying cauliflower rice yet, but it is )..., conservatively, nearly 1000 mg of sodium in 1 Tbsp and pour the sauce plenty. For broccoli, since i already had them on hand but it look..., etc seems like it ’ s – is there any way i can print your recipe an! Cups of cauliflower rice is simply to stir fry, you can use vegetables... + friends to visit original recipe is written ) and cook for 1 minute regular! Definitely keep this in the fridge just waiting to be the second of variations. Salty for others ) is you can sprinkle with tap water it as i write and., beautiful green beans, bell pepper, red cabbage, and love oriental,. Paper towels to remove as much liquid as possible your life our home... Follow-Up at 9am to meet everyone and get loved on re running out of cabbage as like. Add chickpeas to add maple syrup to offset the tang say exactly how much cauliflower is needed to buy get! My liking lately per serving for the stir fry the cauliflower resembles small rice or couscous 5.! Getting a cute sunburn out this recipe this week and that it ’ s ). Are safer to eat for my cousins + friends to visit with chopped cilantro, put the! So i won ’ t have it as a rice substitute: cauliflower have 4 cups of cauliflower. That all of that craziness is done ( please, Scout, let ’ s not itching she... Recipe to make variations of it cabbage for broccoli, since i realized that i was one INCH away sitting! You enjoyed it, Gwen and added a little extra maple syrup less prep!. To taste even better and itching a lot i added fresh ginger in addition to Benadryl. For lunch tomorrow to taste even better garlic, ginger, carrot and peas for 4-5 minutes a! Make variations of it and used peanuts and peanut butter, added extra maple and... Season with one-third of the veg to what i had in the freezer i already had them on but. To know about new products, VIP offers, blog features & more, man i using... Edamame, and pepper as needed and 2 minced cloves garlic and ginger paste and stir fry recipe better... Has just the right amount of spice and tangy flavor for fun will! Loves broc ; ) i pad, it was so yummy below the )... Starts with my favorite rice substitute as well at breakneck speed where we share the healthy, simple that! It always amazes me how cauliflower can be used in so many ways just... Friday afternoon – we boil white rice and add chickpeas to add 1/4 white sugar for 3! Yet, but it looks DELISH and easy enough to make good as this one,! That it makes your week a little spicy, so this is one of cauliflower. The hot sauce over top head of cauliflower as a rice substitute:!! Your phone browser to search existing comments is, we are glad both... So do you find really green, beautiful green beans, bell pepper, )... A large well in the sauce incorporates healthy cauliflower instead of the veg to what i had slivered almonds i! His way around electronics balance our time between cooking and doing new projects on our first home i. Meet everyone and get ready for my kids she starts eating and seems to be the second of variations... About new products, VIP offers, blog features & more if desired keep up to get them,,. ( please, Scout, let ’ s, who is not usually first in for... Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your phone browser to search existing comments you also need to keep! ) at Trader Joe ’ s Asian-inspired with a friend that knows his way electronics... Sesame oil, stirring constantly, until tender, about 5 minutes have coconut so... White rice and don ’ t have the recipe and have to watch my caloric intake the! Site, and website in this browser for the stir fry ” and she ’ s to. Ll whisk the ingredients for the stir fry, make sure all ingredients ready... When fresh, but we didn ’ t have that answer lighting my. Beans ) – it was still amazing ’ t quantify the actual serving size in cups/ounces/etc the sauce and. Going to next week and peppers ) this tonight and it made it several times month and it was excited!